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Crystal Reiki Healing Session
60 min

Day-to-day life can be SO stressful: hectic schedules, juggling kids, job stress… not to mention worrying about the state of our world & society! Even watching the news can leave you feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and helpless. Small stresses build up over time, eventually creating the potential for dis-ease in the body, mind & soul.

Do you give YOURSELF the love and attention you give your children, partner, or colleagues? It’s time to take care of YOU! In this 60-minute session, I combine the healing properties of crystals with soothing Reiki energy to balance your chakras, release stress, and get blissed-out! By the end of the session you’ll be #heavilymeditated and feelin’ #zenAF !

By placing different crystals on the body at each of the chakras, you direct the flow of energy to create a shift in the body, mind and spirit. Whether you want to increase your confidence and self-love, invite in more balance, or clear your blocks to receiving abundance, crystals can facilitate that healing. Lay back, relax, and let your stress melt away…

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