What is Intuition?

Hello, beautiful soul.

Today I want to talk to you about something near and dear to me, the driving force behind this website and really everything I do.


Sure, you’ve probably heard people talk about intuition before. They’ll say things like, “I just knew” or “I felt it in my gut”.

Or how about “women’s intuition“?

These terms get thrown around, but do you know what they actually mean? Have you ever felt something in your gut? Or just known something?

Today, I want to walk you through

– What the heck is intuition, anyway?

– How to tune in to your intuition

– How to understand it’s language

– and why it’s so important.

What isIntuition-

So let’s start with the basics. What the heck is Intuition?? Put simply, it is an understanding of something without conscious reasoning. It’s knowing something for sure, without without any solid evidence to back it up. Normally, we know something because we process it through our brain, applying logic and reasoning, looking for evidence to support the facts, and coming to the conclusion that yes, this is true.

But with Intuition, the knowing is a feeling. It doesn’t come from the brain, but from the heart, or the “gut”.

The way I like to think of it is that intuition is your Soul’s way of talking to you. As souls experiencing life in human bodies, we often struggle with making decisions and knowing if what we decide is the right thingWe’re often caught in the struggle between our head and our heart – aka our Ego and our Intuition.

The Ego lives in our mind. It’s the voice that most people are accustomed to listening to. It is our voice or reason, logic, and caution. It helps keeps us safe by cautioning us to think things through before we act, and to make sense of difficult situations.

But it can also keep us from stepping into our full potential. The Ego tells us we’re not good enough, or not ready yet, or that we might be making a wrong decision. It isn’t trying to harm us; it’s trying to keep us safe by staying in our comfort zone. But that keeps you restricted and unable to grow and expand.

Your Intuition, on the other hand, throws logic and reason out the window. It might go against what you think you should do. It tells you to take a risk, even though on paper it doesn’t make sense. It does this because Intuition doesn’t need evidence, or reason, or logic. Intuition is the voice of your Soul, and your Soul knows what your true potential is.

Your potential is limitless.

So, how can you tune in to your Intuition?

The best way to learn how to tune in to your Intuition is to simply practice. When you’re faced with a decision, even if it’s something unimportant like where to go for dinner tonight, pay attention to what goes on in your head, as well as in your body.

Say you have three options for restaurants to go to (and they’re all good options that you’ve been to before, you like the food, etc.). First, notice what happens in your brain. It might look something like this –

“Hmm…Option 1 has a great salad bar, but their prices are a little steep….”

“Option 2 always has great dinner specials, but the wait is always so long….”

“I love Option 3, but my husband might be sick of going there…”

You go back and forth in your head, trying to decide what the best option is. With all of three options, there’s a pro and a con, see? So how do you choose what’s best?

At this point, stop thinking. Now, go through each option with the mindset that this is the decision I’m making, and pay attention to how your body reacts to that. For example, you say to yourself, “We’re going to Option 1 for dinner tonight.” Then you see how that makes you feel. When you take the thoughts out of the decision-making process, all that’s left is the feeling.

So you go through each of the options as if it’s already decided, and you notice how your body feels with each option. Some of the options just won’t sit right with you. You might feel uncomfortable, uneasy, tense, irritated, or disappointed. But one option will feel good and right. You’ll feel excited, joyful, relieved, anticipating, or satisfied. Tune in to your feelings, and you’ll be tuning into your Intuition!

Feelings are the language of your Intuition!

The feelings I listed in the previous paragraph are just a handful of examples, but only you can identify and label exactly how you’re feeling. So pay attention to whether you’re feeling positive or negative; free or restricted; excited or hesitant.This should be your first clue into what your Intuition has to say.

Obviously, the example of choosing a restaurant is a super-simple one, but it still works! This is seriously the best way to practice recognizing your intuition and getting comfortable with how it feels. Continue with this process for every decision that you need to make, including everything from what to eat for dinner to making changes in your career! Once you get accustomed to doing this, it will become second nature because you will have learned to trust your inner voice.

Why is listening to your Intuition so important?

Because your Intuition is the voice of your Soul, and your Soul wants you to reach your highest potential.

Think about it – if we choose not to tap into and listen to our inner voice, we allow our Ego to call the shots. Remember that the Ego’s role is to keep us safe from discomfort… but it also keeps us stuck inside our comfort zone. When we operate from this perspective, we often miss out on opportunities to grow, to learn, to expand. And when you aren’t expanding, you stay small. Limited. That is not our natural state.

Our natural state is one of limitless potential.

When you operate from a perspective of limitless potential, by honoring your Intuition, you’re actually honoring your Soul. Your Soul wants to grow and expand so you can learn the lessons you’re meant to learn and experience a life filled with joy and abundance.

So what’s next?

When you start to make these shifts and begin tuning in to your Intuition, you allow the Universe to do its thing. It’s like saying, “OK, I trust you” and knowing that you can’t go wrong. Even if it goes against all reason. Trusting in the guidance of the Universe opens you up to more positivity, more abundance, because love is at the heart of all experience.

And who doesn’t want that??

So, let’s review:


I hope you learned something valuable, and you’ll practice tuning in to your Intuition!
If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email! I’d love to hear your thoughts about Intuition, how you use your Intuition, any struggles you’ve been having, etc.

Or, if you’d like some guidance about how to develop your intuition, book a reading with me! Tarot and oracle cards are a great tool for listening to your Intuition, but that’s a topic for another day…..

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  1. Great article, Veronica. I like how you outlined the main points at the end. Someday I’ll book a reading with you.

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