Working With the Taurus New Moon

Hello, beautiful soul.

Yesterday, April 26th, marked the Flower New Moon, which is ruled by the sign of Taurus. Personally, I’m really excited for this moon cycle!

Working with the Taurus New Moon

Moon cycles follow the waxing and waning of the moon every two weeks, but astrologically the work in 6-month cycles. New Moons are a powerful time for intention-setting, with the full blossoming of the intention occuring 6 months later. This current moon cycle will be completed 6 months from now, which is October 2017… and I am very much looking forward to October!

Why? Because according to the Astro Twins, October is going to be a very exciting time for me! As an Aquarius, the intentions I set at the Aquarius New Moon back in January will rev up in intensity in October! The intentions I set during that time were around my business, and I’m really excited to see how things progress between now and then.

Big Plans

Anyway! Back to the current New Moon in Taurus. This is a very Earth-y moon, perfect for “planting seeds”….of intention! It’s also the perfect time to reconnect with Mother Nature, as we’re slowly coming out of Winter and into warmer days! The Taurus Moon asks us really open our hearts to the things that are meant for us, while stepping out of the things we’ve outgrown. While it can be difficult and sometimes painful, the only way to grow is to release the things that no longer serve us. We become lighter, more joyful, more us than we were before…because we are able to step back onto the path of our Soul.

To help connect with the energy of this moon, I wanted to find a tarot card that shared a lot of the same qualities, and I found the perfect one – it’s the Empress card from Colette Baron-Reid’s new deck, The Good Tarot. IMG_5606

How gorgeous is that card? The Empress is a very earthy and feminine card, symbolizing abundance, fertility, and sensuality. She encourages us to dive into our senses focusing on pleasure in the body and the physical realm, harmonizing with natural rhythms, and surrounding ourselves with beautiful things. I love how she is clutching a bushel of what looks like wheat to her chest, at her heart center. “Open your heart and receive the bounty of what you’ve planted and grown!” she cries.


Of course, I just had to choose a crystal to work with, too, and Green Aventurine seemed like the perfect fit. This stone is very powerful in working with the Heart Chakra, promoting healing, well-being, and balancing emotions. It is also a stone of luck, abundance, and prosperity! It’s a double-whammy of positive vibes! Don’t have Green Aventurine? You can grab one here; I also have other crystals and chakra sets. 🙂


Working with Green Aventurine helps us connect with the Earth and appreciate Nature, as well as assisting us in releasing old patterns so new growth can occur. We are able to move forward with optimism and an open heart. When things feel really tough, Green Aventurine encourages us to persevere through life’s obstacles.

Not sure how to work with crystals? It’s easy!! All you need to do is grab your crystal (Green Aventurine if you’ve got one, or any other crystal that you feel guided to work with – trust your intuition; there’s no wrong answer here!), find a nice, quiet space to relax in, and make sure you’ve got a nice chunk of time without distraction. Try to make it twenty minutes at least, but any time is better than none! If all you’ve got is 5 minutes, take those 5 minutes and treat yo’self! You deserve it! And if you can take an hour, do it!!

Create a relaxing space to lay down – it can be on the floor, on a blanket, a yoga mat…whatever you’ve got. Make yourself nice and cozy…grab some blankets to cover yourself if you’re cold-blooded like me, or fluff up some pillows to lay on. Burn some incense or a candle you like, and play some relaxing music if you’d like. Once you’ve got the mood set, grab your crystal and lay down. Place your crystal over your heart space. Now close your eyes, relax, and imagine your heart drawing in the energy of the crystal. Really try to visualize the energy flowing between the crystal and your heart – maybe you imagine a beautiful white light flowing out of the crystal into your heart chakra, or picture your heart chakra as a green lotus flower opening it’s petals as it connects with the vibration of the crystal. However you do it, the intention is the important part – intention is a very powerful thing! Set a very clear intention that your heart chakra is opening and connecting with the crystal, and enjoy the process. Stay in this state for as much time as you can, and when you’re finished, make sure you cleanse and charge your crystal again for the next time!

So, what seeds are you going to plant during this New Moon cycle?

I’d love to hear; share some of your intentions or how you connect with nature in the comments!

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