Veronica Woodlief

Intuitive Energy Healer & Coach, Tarot & Oracle Card Reader, Meditation Teacher

In 2017 I was working in a job that was so stressful, I was diagnosed with Panic Attack Disorder and PTSD. My stress levels had reached the point that I had manifested physical symptoms: severe stomach pains, dizzy spells, uncontrollable weight loss… My brain felt foggy all the time, and I was physically and emotionally exhausted. I felt like I had lost sight of the happy, vivacious person I had once been.

I knew I had to make a change, so I dove head-first into a search for tools to help me manage my stress and find my way out of the darkness. That search led me to Kundalini yoga, meditation, and energy healing. It led me back to my Self.

Today, it is my honor and privilege to share the tools that helped me, with you. I use my wisdom and experience to support my clients as they navigate their own life’s challenges. I empower my clients to take control of their lives by giving them access to the tools they need to help them move past their blocks, shift into a higher vibrational state, and release what’s preventing them from living their best life.

Some of the tools I use:

  • Intuitive energy healing
  • Tarot & oracle cards
  • Crystal therapy
  • Brain Wave Entrainment
  • Sound & Color Frequency Healing
  • The Rings of Oden™
  • BioMorphic Geometry™
  • The Energy of Life® Integrative Healing Process
  • Holistic coaching techniques
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