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Hello, beautiful soul.

I want to talk to you about something really important….


It’s so important to living your best life. When we’re in balance, we are able to remain calm, focused, and maintain a sense of perspective, even in the face of tremendously stressful situations.

Our lives are made up of so many parts that require balance: work/home, emotional/spiritual/physical… how do we stay balanced when there are so many demands placed upon us??

Energy Assessment

It’s definitely easier said than done!

But learning how to bring more balance into your life is one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. And, you deserve it!!

One of the most fundamental ways we can invite more balance into our lives is through understanding our energy system, aka the Chakras. An imbalance or blockage in our chakras can result in feeling stagnant, blocked, sad, anxious, and other negative emotions.

But when you can identify where you are experiencing an imbalance, you can start working to bring your energies back into alignment, inviting more positivity, harmony, and flow back into your life!

If you feel you may be imbalanced, let’s work together to bring you back into energetic alignment!

Take the Energy Assessment now
to identify where your energies are out of whack!

The Energy Assessment will give you some insight as to where in your life you need to invite more balance. It’s a great starting point if you’re already familiar with the chakra system or if you’re just looking for some basic information. If you’re ready to dive deeper into your healing,  and have guidance and support along your healing journey, the
Energy Alignment Program is perfect for you!

This program is a multi-step process, with a 30-day commitment from me. Over that course of time, we will work together to identify where you may be experiencing imbalance, and from there create a customized Guidance Plan to bring your energies back into alignment. This may include working with healing crystals, essential oils, and other holistic practices such as journaling, meditation, grounding in nature, or other techniques.

The purpose of this program is to EMPOWER YOU to take action in bringing balance into your life. My purpose is to guide you and provide you with the tools and resources you need to live the life of your dreams. Think of me as your Spiritual Cheerleader, Crystal Counselor, and Manifestation Mentor!

Here is an outline of the Energy Alignment process:

STEP 1: Make the commitment. If you have not already done so, you should take the Energy Assessment. This will help us both identify and understand where you are experiencing imbalances and negative patterns in your life.

STEP 2: I will review your Energy Assessment, and create an Guidance Plan based on the results. You will receive a healing crystal and a customized, handcrafted essential oil blend to work with. Your Guidance Plan will include an in-depth report about your current energetic state, as well as specific methods for working with your healing crystal and essential oil, journaling exercises, and other holistic practices that may benefit you, such as meditations, mantras, intuitive development techniques, or other resources.

STEP 3: Time to take action! You will start utilizing your new tools and the methods in the Guidance Plan to start bringing your energies back into alignment. This is the most important step! It’s where YOU are empowered and begin to take steps toward the life you’ve always dreamed of!

Along this entire month-long journey, I will be by your side, keeping you motivated and on track! You will be able to contact me any time* that you need guidance, have questions, or want to share your breakthroughs! We will check in regularly to measure your progress, make any necessary adjustments, and celebrate your successes! (*obviously within reason! Depending on what time zone you’re in, what time of day it is, etc. I may not be available immediately, but I will ALWAYS get back to you within a day!)

By engaging in this process, you will:

– Gain clarity on areas of imbalance in your life

– Receive tools that will help you to bring your energy back into alignment

– Put practices into place that you can use anytime you feel imbalanced

– Invite more peace, alignment, and positivity into your life

Here’s a rundown of what you will receive:

– An in-depth Guidance Plan based on the results of your Energy Assessment, with specific methods for bringing your energy back into alignment

– An healing crystal with the specific energies to help support and bring balance to your chakra(s)

– A customized essential oil blend made just for you based on your Energy Assessment

– One 20-minute call session with me per week

– A 30-day commitment from me as your Spiritual Cheerleader, Crystal Counselor, and Manifestation Mentor, with the ability to contact me via text message at any time during our 30-day journey together that you need guidance (you can always reach me by email as well!)

At the end of our 30-day journey together, you will have the ability to renew your commitment if you would like to keep working with me. This process is unique for each person; you may feel that you have ongoing healing to do, in which case I would LOVE to keep supporting you! 🙂

Sound good? Let’s get started!

If you have any questions about the process, please feel free to contact me! I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about me, my process, or anything else to help you feel comfortable in making this commitment. I look forward to working with you! 🙂

Ready to learn where your energies are out of balance?
Take the Energy Assessment now by clicking the image below…

Energy Assessment2


Not sure if you’re ready to dive in just yet?

There are several other ways I can support you as your begin your journey into healing and energetic alignment:

Take the Energy Assessment to gain some insight as to where in your life you need to invite more balance. It’s a great starting point if you’re already familiar with the chakra system or if you’re just looking for some basic information.

If you’ve taken the Energy Assessment and identified where your imbalances are, you can purchase healing crystals specifically for that chakra by visiting the Healing Crystals section in my shop. Here, you will find individual crystals for working with each chakra, as well as full chakra-healing crystal sets.

crystal collage

If you feel overwhelmed, or just want to ask questions, I’m always here to chat! ♥

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